The O2

Find A Bit Of Everything, For Everyone at The O2

As well as hosting some of the world’s top music and sports events, the O2 is also a vast entertainment and leisure complex with an array of bars, restaurants and pubs. From urban mountaineering to London’s largest cinema, the O2 offers something for everyone.


  • Climb the O2 with Up! at the O2 for an unforgettable view of the capital
  • Go trampolining at Oxygen Freejumping park
  • Enjoy the special effects of the 4DX screen at the 12 screen Cineworld complex

What to See and Do

Climb the roof of the O2

Try “urban mountaineering” with Up! at the O2 and trek across the roof in a guided group. All the kit is provided and you have the options of a daylight climb or after sunset. The roof of the arena is 53m above the ground and offers amazing views across London. A viewing platform is situated halfway across, the perfect spot for a selfie.

Enter virtual worlds at Immotion Virtual Reality

Immersive cinema pods allow kids to explore virtual worlds where they can be a deep-sea adventurer or an astronaut. HD sound and 3D special effects create a thrilling experience. There’s also a VR gaming area where multiple players can play Raw Data – a thrilling science-fiction game.

Hollywood Bowl

Go bowling at the state-of-the-art Hollywood Bowl. Its 12 lanes do get a little busy so it’s best to book in advance. After your game, relax at the pool tables or grab a snack at the Hollywood Diner. You can also book lanes for a kid’s birthday party.

Shop till you drop at the ICON outlet

Enjoy some retail therapy at the ICON outlet, where you can discover a range of leading fashion and lifestyle shops offering designerwear at up to 70% discount. The well-known brands on offer include Ted Baker, Adidas, Jack Wills, Nike and Gap.

Read the news at Sky Studios

Take your place at the news desk at the interactive Sky Studio, where you can read the breaking news of the day. It’s recorded for you so you can share your moment in the spotlight with friends and family. Football fans can become Man of the Match with all the action being analysed by virtual pundits.

Did you know: (5 interesting facts!)

  1. The O2 was originally designed to mark the Millenium and was opened on December 31st, 1999.
  2. The dome-shaped building was reportedly based on the design of the Eden Project in Cornwall and is constructed from the same material, ETFE.
  3. The 02 has a diameter of 365 metres to symbolise the days of the year while 12 towers on the roof represent the 12 months.
  4. For many years, the building was known as the Millennium Dome and it was feared that once the Millennium had passed, it would become something of a white elephant. However, since being sold to the O2 phone company in 2005, it has been redeveloped as one of the world’s most successful entertainment venues.
  5. The O2 Arena is a purpose-built arena located at the centre of the O2. It is mainly used for live music and has room for 20,000 people.

History of the O2

  • 1994 – Prime Minister John Major establishes the Millennium Commission to plan a commemorative dome-shaped building to mark the Millennium.
  • 1996 – The Greenwich site is chosen.
  • 31 December 1999 – the Dome is open to the public.
  • January – December 2000 – the Dome showcases an exhibition celebrating the next millennium.
  • 2005 – The building is bought by the O2 mobile phone company.
  • June 2007 – Bon Jovi is the first of many leading bands to play at the O2 Arena.
  • 2012 – The O2 plays host to many events at the Summer Olympics and Paralympics. During this period, it is known as the North Greenwich Arena because of the Olympic rules regarding sponsorship.
  • 2012 – Up! At the O2 opens.
  • 2018 – The opening of the ICON shopping outlet.

Facilities and Accessibility

Whether for a quick snack, a romantic dinner for two or a birthday party, the 02 is a great place to eat. Discover an amazing array of restaurants, bars and cafes, offering cuisines ranging from Italian to Japanese.

All lifts and public areas at the O2 are accessible to wheelchair users.

If you have a disability and have problems queueing at an event, you can request priority entry as soon as the doors open. The drop off point is 150m from the main entrance. A wheelchair escort to help you transfer to your seat in the venue can be arranged in advance.