ThingsToDoInLondon.com is an online destination guide for visitors who want to see the best of London.

We work with local writers to select the best things to do and see, from popular must-see attractions to the best hidden gems.

Writers & Collaborators

The following local London experts have contributed to this site:

  • Aimée Castles-Greene – Aimée has lived 20 minutes from central London for 28 years, enjoying and exploring all aspects of the city ever since. In her spare time, Aimée enjoys writing, reading, visiting exhibitions and museums and eating good food.
  • Alison Durkee – Alison is a journalist covering the arts, culture and politics in the US and UK. When she’s not writing, she can frequently be found taking walks around the city or at the theatre.
  • Dan Hughes – Born in Greater West London and a former resident of Haringey, Dan has an enormous passion for the Big Smoke. While he still visits and explores the capital regularly, he now lives in the wilds of North Staffordshire with is wife, Lynsey and his little son, Sidney.
  • Ellie Quinn – Ellie Quinn runs the Travel and Wellness Blog ‘The Wandering Quinn’. She has been a travel addict since 2010 and since then she hasn’t stopped and has now visited over 50 Countries.
  • Fiona Maclean – Fiona Maclean is a London based freelance writer and marketing consultant. She’s lived in London for most of her adult life though she travels extensively.
  • Jodie Taylor – Jodie is a London-based travel writer who spent a large portion of the past ten years stumbling around in the dark at some of the capital’s hippest parties. More recently she enjoys a more refined side of London; scouting out craft markets, drinking red wine and attending fancy dog shows – albeit without a dog, for now.
  • Laura Porter – Laura Porter has been writing about London for over a decade. She contributes to many publications while maintaining an afternoon tea addiction to rival that of the Queen.
  • Lindsey Henderson – Lindsey is a Northern girl living in London. Since moving to the big smoke in 2012, she’s spent every spare moment she has walking the length and breadth of the city, on the hunt for the most exciting parties, quirkiest side streets and the best cup of coffee she can get her mits on.
  • Sam Buss – Sam has lived in London her whole life and has a real passion for the city she calls home. When not writing she can be found one of London’s many craft beer pubs or board game cafes.
  • Sarah Fletcher – Sarah has been living across London for 10 years. In her spare time, she enjoys visiting libraries, walking her dog and stopping into pubs to try new ales.
  • Sue King – Sue was born in London and although she is passionate about travel, she loves to return to her native city to soak up its cosmopolitan and unique vibe.
  • Teral Atilan – Teral has lived in London her whole life. Most days she’s found working at the next coffee shop hotspot working away on her laptop, or online shopping.
  • Therese Detje – Therese can be found cycling alongside the double deckers in London’s East, where she frequents her favorite weekend markets and local cafes. She freelances from her office overlooking the Regents Canal, pausing from her work to check out other people’s dogs more often than she should be.