Regent Street

Shop on one of London’s major thoroughfares on Regent Street

Find out why Regent Street is one of the most famous shopping streets in the world and visited by over eight million tourists each year!


  • Dine out at exclusive restaurants
  • Shop till you drop at the ‘Mile of Style’ lined with flagship designer stores for leading brands
  • Discover why Liberty offers a shopping experience like no other

What to see and do

Admire John Nash’s architecture

When you walk along Regent Street in the daytime, take a moment to look around you and admire the magnificence of Nash’s architecture heading from Piccadilly Circus Station. You will witness the majesty of the architectural landscape that was Nash’s vision. 

If you head towards Oxford Circus Station from Picadilly in the evening, you have the opportunity to glimpse the intricacy of Nash’s exceptional skill. Look at the beautiful curves of the imposing twin buildings on either side of the street and the ornate detailing on the roofs of the Hollister building.


Sir Arthur Lasenby founded Liberty (commonly referred to as Liberty’s) in 1875. To many people, Liberty’s is the beating heart of Regent Street, and it is undoubtedly the longest-standing shop. Its white timber-framed frontage in the Tudor style is very British. 

Tourists and shoppers from around the world are fascinated by Liberty’s fabrics, fashion and homeware. Nash and Lasenby had a remarkably similar outlook — both were keen on knocking Paris from its pedestal as the world’s fashion capital. 

While they may have been unsuccessful in this aim, they certainly helped to place London as one on the world’s major shopping destinations and a centre of culture and commerce.


Hamleys is one of the busiest toy shops in the world, and visiting with children of all ages is a uniquely magical experience. Friendly staff are on hand throughout the store, many of which engaged in performing demonstrations of unusual and fascinating toys. 

Activities are available in the school holidays. Christmas is perhaps the best time to visit Hamleys as the festive window displays alone are fabulous.

The Apple Store

The Apple Store is a vibrant and engaging learning space, as well as being a place to buy the latest Apple merchandise. The stores’ interior design is space-age gleaming white state-of-the-art with a glass staircase that has vibes of stairways to heaven. And it is heaven for geeks and tech nerds of all levels – even if you’re simply browsing.

Eating Out

Regent Street in central London, along with neighbouring Oxford Street and Bond Street are best known for their many shopping attractions, but there are also many intriguing places to eat. From world-class Michelin-starred restaurants led by famous chefs to laid-back Middle Eastern and Turkish locales, you will be spoilt for choice if you need to refuel in the midst of your shopping trip. 

Leave your shopping bags to one side and make time to sample the many culinary delights of this part of London.

Did you know: (5 interesting facts!)

  1. Regent Street is named after the Prince Regent, who later became George IV.
  2. Each building in the street, which is over a mile long, is a listed building, which means it has special conservation status. Skyscrapers in the vicinity are also banned to preserve the views of the Palace of Westminster.
  3. If you want to buy the street, you can if you play the traditional version of the board game Monopoly.
  4. The only building in Regent’s Street that was there when architect John Nash laid out the street is All Souls Church.
  5. Regent Street was the first all-purpose shopping centre in the world.


  • 1825 – The Regent Street development is completed and the street immediately becomes a highlight of London’s social scene.
  • 1833 – Regent Street and St James Park are joined together by the Duke of York’s Column and Steps.
  • 1875 – The opening of Liberty London.
  • 1881 – The opening of Hamleys – the oldest toy-shop in London.
  • 1940s – Regent Street is repeatedly bombed during the Second World War. Hamleys was bombed five times.
  • 1953 – The coronation procession of Queen Elizabeth made its way through Regent Street.
  • 2014 – Lower Regent Street is renamed Regent Street, St James.
  • 2019 – Regent Street celebrates its bi-centenary.