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17 Things To Do In Fulham

Fulham can be found in the London Borough of Hammersmith, sandwiched between Chelsea and Hammersmith itself. This handsome place is possibly one of the most undiscovered parts of South West London – which is why I love it so very much.

I often find myself spending lively Thursday evenings and lazy Sunday afternoons here, so read on to find out how you can get your full of Fulham too.

Lindsey Henderson
by Lindsey Henderson;

Lindsey is a Northern girl living in London. Since moving to the big smoke in 2012, she’s spent every spare moment she has walking the length and breadth of the city, on the hunt for the most exciting parties, quirkiest side streets and the best cup of coffee she can get her mits on.;

What to see and do in Fulham?

1. Get Lost Down the Backstreets

London Street of Early 20th Century Edwardian Terraced Houses
© Bombaert / Depositphotos

If you’re a bit of a dreamer, or just a little bit nosy, then the best way to enjoy this part of London is to get up on your feet and take a look around.

Stroll down quaint back streets, stare into big beautiful houses and glimpse into green gardens. Beatrix Potter lived on Old Brompton Road and Epple Road is a beautiful residential street.

Although it might sound a bit morbid, the 13-acre Fulham Cemetery is certainly worth going into, this famous burial ground has been featured in many films throughout history including Goldeneye.

Just watch what time you pass through though, I’ve heard things can go Bond in the night.

2. Get Swept Away by Views of the Thames

Barnes Bridge Over the River Thames
© olieooni / Instagram

So I definitely don’t recommend taking a dip in the Thames, but I do recommend walking alongside it.

The complete path follows the Thames East from Barnes Bridge to Embankment, however, if time is against you there is no need to follow it to the end.

At night it’s particularly pretty with a view of the bridges and Putney twinkling across the river.

3. Get Some Fresh Air in the Parks

Bishops Park Along the River Thames in Winter
© christophe.cappelli / Depositphotos

Fulham certainly has its fair share of handsome parks and open spaces. The Grade II listed Bishops Park on the bank of the Thames is the boroughs most popular park, full of ponds, wildlife and sculptures.

The South Park, which is a little quieter, holds the Borough’s only public cricket pitch and if you’re bringing along the little ones then the wooden jungle gym is great for a climb.

Just looking for some open space? Eel Brook Common is a beautiful patch of land, perfect for exercising dogs and picnics in the summer.

4. Meander Down Jerdan Place

People are Eating on the Street
© gianlucascult / Instagram

Just two ticks away from Fulham Broadway station is Jerdan Place, a quaint and charming little road. The cobbled street, small shops and independent cafes will make you feel like you’ve stumbled upon village life.

It’s an ideal place for a Sunday morning, but don’t leave it too late, it tends to get quite busy with locals nursing hangovers and searching for their coffee fix.

5. Meet Your Match at the Football

A Football Match in Fulham
CC-BY Nick / Flickr

Your perfect match can be found in Fulham, and when I say match I mean football match, of course. Fulham is famous for its football as it’s the home to both Chelsea and Fulham FC.

Surprisingly enough, the two clubs aren’t each other’s biggest rivals, even though they live within a stone’s throw of each other. Stamford Bridge Stadium, Fulham Road, has been home to Chelsea FC since 1905, and Craven Cottage has been home to Fulham FC since 1896.

London travel tip:

I’d have some change and an empty stomach when you go to the match as the hotdogs available outside the stadiums are really on point. I’d also give driving in Fulham on match day the red card, it’s always absolute gridlock.

— Lindsey Henderson

6. Get Squiffy in the Local Pubs and Bars

The Interior of the Cock Pub
CC-BY-SA Edwardx / Wikimedia Commons

Now we’re on to the good stuff: booze. If you’re looking for a place to party, an afternoon tipple, or just a quiet drink to see the night through, then the bars and pubs in Fulham are ready and waiting.

There are traditional boozers serving craft beer and ale, fancy wine bars serving labels from across the world and cocktail clubs with a happy hour or two (yeah, I thought the last bit would have ya grinning from ear to ear).

7. Follow in the Footsteps of the Rich and Famous

To say the house prices in Fulham are a little on the high side would be an understatement, so it’s no wonder it’s home to a few celebrities. If you’re into reality TV then you’ll know Louise and Sam Thompson from Made in Chelsea reside here.

The rest of the cast and crew have been known to hang out at the pubs too, but that’s not the only star quality this place has, guitarist Bob Andrews, model Julie Alexander and actor Neal Arden were all born and raised here. There must be something in the water.

8. Bring Sweet Music to Your Ears with Live Entertainment

Beautiful Blue Door
© place_to_be_london / Instagram

Some of the best evening entertainment can be found in the pubs of Fulham.

The Durell Arms, Borma Green and Aragon House all hold band and open mic nights throughout the week, but definitely check out The Little Blue Door, they’re known for hosting some of the best unsigned acts and the joint cubicle in the ladies loo is a great place to have a natter while you and your bestie do what you need to do.

9. Play Tennis at the Hurlingham Club

A Bridge Over the Water
© umami_mummy / Instagram

This has to be Fulham’s worst kept secret. The Georgian house sits in 42 acres of beautiful gardens and is absolutely dripping in English tradition.

Sadly, it’s a members only club, so to get your mitts on a guest pass you have to know a current member. So yes, do excuse me while I go and see a man about a dog…

London travel tip:

Even if the weather isn’t playing game, don’t skip the walk round the edge of the gardens, the secret bridge out onto the river is absolutely tranquil.

— Lindsey Henderson

10. Make Use of a Rainy Afternoon at Fulham Broadway Retail Centre

Entrance to Fulham Broadway Shopping Centre
CC-BY-SA Stacey Harris / Geograph

When the heavens open and the sun ain’t out to play this retail centre is a great shout.

It may not be the quirkiest destination on the list, but it could be considered one of the most important: it’s also the entrance to Fulham Broadway Underground Station.

There are 14 popular retail stores, consisting of supermarkets, restaurants and coffee shops.

You can even catch a film at the Vue Cinema and if you’re still hungry after your Nando’s then the confectionary there is absolutely poppin’.

11. Decorate Your Home with Antiques from Lillie Road

A Room With the Ancient Interior
© pillarandpostdc / Instagram

As one of London’s best destinations for antique shopping Lillie Road is all about out with the new and in with the old. With handpicked stock changing regularly they’re an interior designer’s dusty dream.

There are a whopping 19, yeah 19, antique shops running up and down this street. There is something for every taste, with lighting, furniture and even taxidermy.

12. Rest Your Head in a Fulham Hotel

The Entrance of the Chelsea Harbour Hotel
© davidredfearn / Instagram

Fulham can be enjoyed during the day, but if you really want to make the most of the area then why not find a place to stay? Rest in the comforts of an Airbnb or hit the fancy hotels.

The Native Fulham and Millennium and Copthorne Hotel at Chelsea FC will give you a great night to remember, but the Chelsea Harbour Hotel is magical if you want to splash the cash.

13. Fill the Fridge at the Organic Farmer’s Markets

A Day at the Farmers Market
© lapeal07 / Instagram

It may come as no surprise the Fulham locals are into their locally sourced, organic fruit, veg and produce, so naturally there are some farmers markets to shout about.

The Bishop’s Park farmers and fine foods market has to be number one. Trading every Sunday (10am-2pm) it’s a great way to spend the last day of the week.

If you’re a cheese fanatic then head to the Bath Soft Cheese stall, honestly, their soft cheese is just un-brie-lievable.

14. Absorb the Local History on a Guided Tour at Fulham Palace

Summer View of the Fulham Palace
© teo1973 / Depositphotos

To make the most of past and present visit the Fulham Palace and Gardens and book onto a guided tour.

The Palace is one of London’s most interesting historical buildings as it’s made up of Tudor, Georgian and Victorian architecture.

Since about 700, it was home to the Bishop of London, providing a retreat in the warm summer months.

15. Get a Glimpse of a Time Gone By with the Listed Buildings

A Car is Standing Near the Fulham Town Hall
© architectural_tour_london / Instagram

If the Palace has got you in the mood for history then the grade II listed Town Hall and library should be next on your list. The Town Hall on Fulham Broadway, constructed around 1888, is full of beautiful stained glass windows, depicting historic scenes.

The library, which is often used as a wedding venue, was built a little later in 1908 by architecture Henry Hare and still has many of the original features.

When you visit head straight to the first floor with your camera, the original brown and glass bookcases make the ideal backdrop for a picture.

London travel tip:

While you’re there why not complete the whistle-stop tour at the Fulham Fire Station, it may not be a listed building, but as one of the oldest stations in London, it’s also a must-see.

— Lindsey Henderson

16. Immerse Yourself in the Hustle and Bustle of North End Road

Market on the North End Road
CC-BY-SA Edwardx / Wikimedia Commons

North End Road is where Fulham really comes to life. It’s known for being a little bit rough around the edges, but that’s all part of its charm.

Apart from the bookies, chicken shops and restaurants lining the street, it’s the market, which runs Monday to Saturday 8am – 6pm, which gives the place its atmosphere.

Traders offer everything from food, to clothing, to household items.

London travel tip:

If you’re really after a bargain head down just after closing, they tend to leave some freebies out on the street

— Lindsey Henderson

17. Treat Your Eyes in the Fulham Galleries

Incredible Bath Showroom
© eyeambib / Instagram

Whether you’re ‘just looking’ or fancy investing, these galleries are a sweet place to spend an afternoon. Visit Roca London for architecture and design, Lisa Norris for emerging talent and Piers Feetham for contemporary art and paintings.

It’s also worth keeping a close eye on their social media if you want to bag yourself a ticket to their fancy events. Free prosecco and canapes? Don’t mind if I do.