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Deptford seems to be one of 'my patches' with the result that I have led a number of walks in this area for various groups. This page gives an outline and links to routes and notes on these. Obviously the same places and information can be found on several walks but the theme, length or start/finish point of a particular route may suit your needs best.

ORIGINAL DEPTFORD WALK in 3 page format. The sections of this walk are linked by the DLR. The main part between Deptford Bridge and Cutty Sark is about 3 miles. The section between Cutty Sark and Deptford Bridge which makes the walk circular is just under a mile. An additional extension between Deptford Bridge and Lewisham via Brookmill Park is one mile. The 5 mile walk described begins at Lewisham and finishes at Deptford Bridge with Greenwich as a refreshment stop. [introduction] [route & what to see] [additional information]

DEPTFORD & MILLWALL WALK in 3 page format.The route gives two views of the same things (at close quarters and viewed across the river) by walking both sides of a stretch of the Thames. The Deptford section is about 3 miles beginning at Surrey Quays Station (East London line) and finishing at Greenwich. The Millwall section is about 3 miles beginning at Island Gardens and finishing at Heron Quays DLR Station. You will need to cross the river between sections either by DLR (Cutty Sark to Island Gardens) or walking through the foot tunnel. Greenwich is a convenient stopping place for refreshments. [introduction] [route & what to see] [additional information]

RIVERSIDE DEPTFORD WALK for the 2004 Lewisham Walking Festival. A linear walk from Lewisham Station to Surrey Quays following the Ravensbourne River, Deptford Creek and River Thames. [route & what to see]

AN ARCHITECTURE WALK for Bromley U3A in 2005 from Deptford Bridge DLR Station to the centre of Deptford High Street. This included visits to Deptford's two churches. St Paul's is often open and St Nicholas staffed but you are advised to check/make arrangements beforehand. The Albany is convenient for refreshments or the cafe within Laban Dance Centre is open to the public. [route & what to see]

A MADE IN DEPTFORD WALK for the 2005 Lewisham Walking Festival / 'Made in Deptford' event. The 3 mile linear walk from Lewisham Station to Deptford High Street looks at things ‘made’ in Deptford – crafts, products, buildings, structures, pioneering systems ..... and a costly mistake! [route & what to see]

A GREEN DEPTFORD WALK for the 2006 Lewisham Walking Festival / 'Made in Deptford' event. The 3 mile linear walk from Elverson Road DLR Station to the Albany links some of Deptford’s green spaces. The notes give information on each including how they came about and what was there previously. [route & what to see]. A Google Map version of this walk is available on

A DEPTFORD PEOPLE WALK for the 2006 Lewisham Walking Festival. This 2 mile linear route goes through riverside Deptford which has associations with a number of famous people. It begins at Surrey Quays Station (East London line) and finishes at Cutty Sark DLR Station. [route & what to see]

A QUIZ WALK for the 2006 Lewisham Walking Festival / 'Made in Deptford' event. A circular walk from Deptford Station with questions to answer along the route. [click here]

ST JOHNS (DEPTFORD NEW TOWN). A 3 mile circular walk from Deptford Bridge DLR Station. Adapted for the 2007 Lewisham Walking Festival with the addition of sections through Brookmill Park and a choice of finishing points. [route & what to see] 2015

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