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The Broadgate development was designed to incorporate public spaces and works of art. A leaflet with a location map and details of the pieces has been produced which may be available at 10 Exchange Square.
You are invited not only to go and have a look but also touch them. Only those in italics are generally inaccessable.

FULCRUM by Richard Serra - Octagon, west of Octagon Arcade
A large piece made from Cor-Ten Steel which weathers into textures. Step inside and look up at the sky.

LEAPING HARE ON CRESCENT & BELL by Barry Flanagan - SE corner Broadgate Arena
Three objects in a gravity-defying construction.

BELLEROPHON TAMING PEGASUS by Jacques Lipchitz - NW corner Broadgate Arena
A contemporary expression of the Greek legend
Located on a high pedestal

RUSH HOUR by George Segal - Finsbury Avenue Square
A group of commuters cast from life and made in bronze

GO BETWEEN by Alan Evans - between 4 & 6 Broadgate
Massive decorative gates in forged steel

GANAPATHI & DEVI by Stephen Cox - Sun Street/Appold Street roundabout
Two stone figures based on the Hindu Gods Devi (the Goddess) and Ganesh (the Elephant God)

TILED FOUNTAIN by Joan Gardy - Appold Street/Primrose Street
Hand-painted Catalan tiles with water cascade. Not working

EYE-I by Bruce McLean - Pindar Plaza, 199 Bishopsgate
An imposing sketch of a face in bright coloured steel.

BROADGATE VENUS by Fernando Botero - east side Exchange Square
This voluptuous nude is made from bronze and weighs 5 tons although it looks as if she might float away! The sculptor was originally a bullfighter.
THE BROAD FAMILY by Xavier Corbero - Appold Street
Three figures plus a dog and a ball sculptured in basalt. The smallest figure has detailed shoes. Relocated since photo was taken.

WATERFEATURE by Stephen Cox - east side Exchange Square
A Japanese-inspired piece of landscape art with flowing water and stones.

LARGE POTS by Joan Gardy - Great Eastern Walk (Upper level) west of 155 & 135 Bishopsgate
Ceramic ornaments of Spanish form in various colours, sizes and tetures.

ALCHEMY by Lincoln Seligman - Great Eastern Walk (Upper level) west of 155 & 135 Bishopsgate
Roof beams in graduated colours forming a spectrum.
Located at high level

It is possible to indulge your other senses as there are plenty of places to eat in the area and free lunchtime entertainment including music is often featured in Broadgate Arena and Exchange Square 12:30 - 2pm May to September [website]. This is a good place to visit with visually-impaired friends. 2006

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