Area Name & Address Notes
Bow Draper's Almhouses
Priscilla Road
Built in 1706 for 12 poor people with additions in 1836. Purchased by railway in 1867 when east and west wings were demolished. Remainder now private houses.
Chelsea * Royal Hospital Chelsea
Royal Hospital Road
Built by Wren in 1682 for retired soldiers and still in use.
Clerkenwell * Charterhouse
Charterhouse Square
Founded by Thomas Sutton in 1611 for 80 poor gentlemen on a former monastic site. Still in use.
Hackney Bishop Wood's Almshouses
Lower Clapton Road
Founded in 1665 by Thomas Wood, Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry and restored in 1888 & 1930. The tiny chapel added in the 19thc had pews only for the 10 resident widows.
Hackney Monger House
Church Crescent
Founded by a bequest of 1669 for 6 poor men over 60. Rebuilt in 1847 and modernised in 1969.
Hackney Pilgrim Lodge
Lyme Grove
Designed in 1865 by A R Pite. Now managed by the Anchor Trust.
Hoxton * Aske's
Pitfield Street
Founded by Robert Aske, Haberdasher in 1690 with a gift of 24000 for 20 poor with a school for 20 boys. [pix]
Kennington * Woodstock Court
Newburn Street
For retired tenants of the Duchy of Cornwall
Shoreditch * The Ironmonger's Almshouses
Kingsland Road
Founded by Robert Geffrye in 1715. 14 houses + chapel. Converted to Museum in 1914
Southwark Draper's Almshouses
Glass Hill Street
A row of houses built in 1820
Southwark * Hopton's Almshouses
Hopton Street
Founded by Robert Hopton, fishmonger in 1730. Properties built around a garden in 1752 & still in use.
Spitalfields Norton Folgate
Puma Court
Built in 1860 to replace those of 1728.
Stepney Lady Jane Mico's Almshouses
White Horse Road
Originally built for 10 widows in 1691 by the Mercer's Company and re-built in 1856. Private houses since 1970.
Stepney Trinity Hospital
Mile End Road
Built 1695 by the Corporation of Trinity House, on land provided by Captain Henry Mudd, for 28 decayed Masters of Ships or their widows. Bombed in 1941, the redbrick cottages were later modernised by the LCC for housing.
Upton Meggs Almhouses Moved from Whitechapel Road in 1893.
Vauxhall * De Caron Almshouses
Fentiman Road
Founded in 1618 by Noel de Caron and rebuilt in 1854. [pix]
Victoria * Westminster United
Rochester Row
30 homes built in 1881 to designs of R R Arntz replacing Emery Hill Almshouses. Still in use.
Beckenham * The Rawlins Almshouses
Bromley Road
3 small cottages built in 1694 as a gift of Anthony Rawlins. Enlarged & modernised but still in use. [pix]
Bexley * Styleman's Almhouses
High Street
A row of houses provided by John Styleman of Danson. Built in 1755 and still in use (modernised). [pix]
Bexley Victoria Homes
Bourne Road
Built in the year of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee (1897).
Blackheath Morden College
St Germain's Place
Founded in 1695 for 40 merchants. The charity now provides homes for over 400.
Bromley Bromley & Sheppard College
London Road
Founded 1666 by John Warner, Bishop of Rochester, for 12 widows of clergy. Built 1670-72 and extended end 18th century. Chapel rebuilt 1863 in gothic style. Sheppard College to the NE was built in 1840 for 5 spinsters.
Croydon * Whitgift Almshouses
North End
Provided by Archbishop Whitgift for retired servants in 1596. Still in use.
Croydon * Ramsey Court
Church Street
15th century foundation by Elys Davy. Present buildings 1875 & 1887.
Dulwich * Alleyn's College of God's Gift
College Road
Founded by actor Edward Alleyn in 1613-9. Now known as Dulwich College and still in use.
Eltham Philipot's Almshouses
3-7 Blunt's Rd & Philipot Path
Founded by Thomas Philipot. Originally in the High Street. Blunt's Road are 1872 and Philipot Path 1931 (still in use). [website]
Eltham 15 Penny Fields
Blunt's Road
Old charity but modern buildings of 1963 & 1989.
Greenwich Queen Elizabeth's College
Greenwich High Road
Founded in 1576 by William Lambard who laid down conditions for the choice of inmate. Administered by the Draper's Company. Rebuilt as 40 one bedroom cottages in 1818 and subsequently modernised. Now managed by Hanover Housing Association.
Greenwich * Trinity Hospital
Founded 1613 by Henry Howard for 20 men. Rebuilt 1815 and still in use. Administered by the Mercer's Company. [pix]
Greenwich * Greenwich Hospital
Romney Road
Established for seamen in 1694 by William & Mary. Buildings by Wren and others. Now University of Greenwich.
Greenwich John Penn Almshouses
Widow Smith Almshouses
Greenwich South Street
Designed in 1884 by George Smith for Ellen Penn as a tribute to her husband John, who ran local engineering works. A pension was also provided, financed from company stock. It no longer has a chapel. Houses were added in 1955 after Widow Smith's almshouses near the Royal Naval College were destroyed by bombing. Now managed by Hanover Housing Association.
Greenwich * Hatcliffe Almshouses
Tuskar Street
Built in 1857 and extended in the 1880s & 1930s. They feature tall chimneys and Dutch gables. [pix]
Lee * Boone's Almshouses
Lee High Road
Built in 1682 by Robert Hooke for Christopher & Mary Boone with almshouses for 12 poor people, a school for 12 local children and a chapel. Administered by the Merchant Taylors' Company. Only the chapel survived demolition in 1877 and was used as a library for almspeople until 1945. It has recently been renovated. [pix]
Lee * Merchant Taylors'
Lee High Road
Built in 1825 and still providing accommodation for 34 people. Grade II listed they survived extensive bombing raids in WWII. [pix]
Peckham The Aged Pilgrims' Home
Sedgmoor Place
Completed in 1837 and founded by William Peacock.
Peckham Beeston's Almshouses
Consort Road
Built for the Girdler's Company in 1834 to replace those sold for the construction of London Bridge in 1824. The 7 houses were for freeman of the company who also received a pension. Extended in the 1960s.
Peckham Bethal Asylum
Havil Street
The Asylum for aged women was founded by William Peacock in 1837.
Peckham Friendly Female Society Almshouses
Chumleigh Street
Opened in 1821 and added to in 1844 & 1847. The listed buildings are now part of Southwark's Burgess Park.
Peckham Metropolitan Beer & Wine Trade Almshouses
Nunhead Green
Seven houses for 13 residents were built in 1852. A new wing of 8 houses was added in 1872.
Peckham Payln's Almshouses
Choumert Road
Built by the Girdler's Company in 1852. The original buildings in Old Street (founded in 1612-3) were destroyed in the Great Fire.
Penge * Watermen's & Lightermen's
High Street
Built as 48 dwellings in 1840 and designed by George Porter. Converted to private homes in 1973.
Penge * William IV Royal Naval Asylum
St John's Road
Designed by Philip Hardwick. Now private homes.
Penge St John's Cottages
Maple Road
Two rows built in 1863 and designed by Edwin Nash.
Chiswick Hopkin Morris Homes of Rest
Originally 4 almshouses built in 1724.
Fulham * Powell's Almshouses
Church Gate
Founded by Sir William Powell in 1680. Rebuilt on present site in 1869 for 12 widows. [pix]
Isleworth Miss Elizabeth Butler's Almshouses
Byfield Road
Two bungalows for married couples built in 1885. Refurbished in 2009.
Isleworth Farnell's Almshouses
St John's Road
The gift of John Farnell, the owner of Isleworth Brewery. Built in 1858 for six men and six women. Modernised in 1998
Isleworth Ingram's Almshouses
Mill Platt
A row of small cottages provided in 1664 by Sir Thomas Ingram, a Lord Mayor of London. Modernised in 1993. Each has a riverside garden. [pix]
Isleworth Sermon's Almshouses
Twickenham Road
Row of 6 cottages of 1843 for ladies over 50. Endowed by Sarah Sermon. Three more dwellings were added in 2009.
Kingston * Cleave's Almshouses
London Road
Built from local bricks in 1669 for 6 poor men & 6 poor women. Ten later dwellings added. Still in use with a 17thc hall. [pix]
Mortlake Boot & Shoemakers
Rosemary Gardens
14 houses plus a chapel built in 1836.
Putney Abraham Dawes
Putney Bridge Road
Dawes, a collector of customs, lived in Putney from 1620 until his death in 1640. He provided almshouses for '12 poor indigent decayed and decreped almsmen and almswomen'. Replaced by the present buildings in 1861.
Richmond Church Estate Almshouses Built in 1843 for members of the Church of England. Additional accommodation was provided in 1968 and 2005. [pix]
Richmond Hickey's Almshouses
Sheen Road
William Hickey died in 1728 leaving pensions to elected poor and a considerable amount of property. In 1832 the trustees of his charity built 20 houses with a chapel, nurse's lodge and porter's lodge. Additional accommodation was added in 1851, 1934, 1972 and 1991. [pix]
Richmond Houblon's Almshouses
Worple Way
Founded in 1757 by Rebecca and Susanna who were the daughters of Sir John Houblon, Governor of the Bank of England. They left long lists of rules for the almspeople and trustees! [pix]
Richmond Michel's Almshouses
The Vineyard
Founded in 1695 by Humphrey Michel. The charity received additional endowments. The original block of 10 almshouses was rebuilt in 1810 and six more were built in 1860. Further accommodation has been added. [pix]
Richmond * Bishop Duppa's Almshouses
The Vineyard
Founded in 1661 by the Bishop of Chichester in thanksgiving for Charles II's Restoration. Rebuilt to the designs of Thomas Little in 1851 with a site and funds provided by James Ewing. The arch and gateway was transferred from the old building.
Richmond Queen Elizabeth's Almshouses
The Vineyard
Founded by Sir George Wright in 1600. Originally on Petersham Road but relocated in 1767. The 8 almshouses were damaged in WWII and rebuilt as four houses in 1955.
Twickenham Candler Almshouses
Amyand Park Road
The parish originally had almshouses near The Embankment. These were restored by Elizabeth Twining (of tea fame) in 1876 but replaced in 1936 when more houses were added at the bequest of William Candler. Only women are appointed.
Wimbledon Cinque Cottages
Crooked Billet
Provided for men in 1872 and since rebuilt.
Highgate * Woolaston & Pauncefoot
Southwood Lane
12 single storey homes. Founded by Sir John Woolaston in 1658 and rebuilt by Sir Edward Pauncefoot in 1722. [pix]
Walthamstow Monoux Almshouses
Church Hill Road
Founded by Sir George Monoux in 1527. Restored & rebuilt.
Walthamstow Squire's Almshouses
St Mary Road
Built in 1795 for 6 poor widows.

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